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About AItawa Ottawa
Zhejiang Taihua through networking, cloud intelligence, cloud computing technology, connecting basic electrical appliances, equipment interoperability, including intelligent building
Control center, intelligent lighting system, HVAC environment system, intelligent security system, energy management system, intelligent video and audio system, door
Windows, shading systems and other seven systems. Team adhere to R & D investment and design innovation, to achieve the home, office, hotel and other scenes of wisdom
It can create safer, more energy-saving, more efficient and sustainable living environment for users.
Application scenarioses
The AItawa proposed "intelligent scene" concept, the launch of the three scene the application scheme of smart home, smart office, wisdom
Hotels and nationwide projects to promote landing.
Product advantage
AItawa has the product development and design ability of leading, most influential, launched by the smart product user acceptance,
And always believe that in the era of upgrading consumption, product innovation is the basis for the existence of enterprises.


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