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Intelligent locks are an irresistible trend! You don't have it now. You'll have to use it sooner or later!

What's the trend?

Trend is the direction of the development of things, is a once formed the direction of development, will not be in a short period of time to change the trend.
In the lock industry, intelligent is bound to be the future development trend. Under the driving force of the trend, Lenovo, ZTE, Haier and other major brands have come up with practical actions to create their own locks.
In this context, if you are still waiting, wait for the times to be eliminated!
The trend is always greater than the enterprise advantage
The trend is not violated, a person or a business should flow in trends, forming a new trend until some.
Therefore, the future development will be a trend more than the advantages of the times. Who is the enemy of the trend, the final result will be eliminated by the times.
Some people may say that they insist on feelings. But your feelings are only personal feelings, not the feelings of consumers, what consumers pay for your feelings?
Others might say that they sell the advantage. In the era of highly transparent information, quality, function and other increasingly homogeneous, how many advantages can you talk about?.
Therefore, the future will be the trend is greater than the advantages of the times. Can lead the trend will become the future king, to identify trends and the flow will become the winner in the future, and inverse trend will be eliminated by the times.
Look, how did the contrarian die?
In the intelligent era, an industry which can not be contrary to this trend, the lock industry is no exception. Here, let's look at a couple of cases and see how these companies die off the trend.
With the advent of digital cameras, Kodak died. Kodak's market capitalisation, from its highest $31 billion in February 1997 to $2 billion 100 million at present, has evaporated by more than 99% in more than a decade.
Today, Kodak has only one shell to drive, and it relies on selling patents accumulated over the years. So how does it die? That is, without looking at the digital camera is the future trend of development, so the achievements of Canon, Nikon brilliant.
Motorola, the inventor of the mobiles phones, ended up being marginalized. In August 2011, Motorola reluctantly sold its mobiles phones business to Google, which was worth $12 billion 500 million at the time.
In January 2014, when Lenovo was bought by Motorola, Lenovo only made a $2 billion 900 million price, which shrank by 76% in 3 years. Motorola's decline was due to the rise of apple.
After Apple launched the smart phones lock, Motorola and NOKIA and other old brands are still working hard in the field of functional machine. Therefore, Motorola and NOKIA's decline is because they can not see the trend, contrary to the trend.
Such cases are too numerous to mention. From their failure, we came to the conclusion that whoever breaks the trend will die.
Intelligent locks are an irresistible trend
Survey data show that: the real estate 50, led by Vanke, the proportion of developers supporting smart home products has reached 36.20%, followed by poly home allocations ratio of 10.50%. Non real estate 50 strong, Guangzhou trillion Lin, Hainan hailing, R & F, real estate and other smart home configuration more than 8%.
But the proportion of products from the point of view, intelligent switch intelligent home appliances accounted for 5.3%, 0.8%, 4.3%, intelligent intelligent security and intelligent lock is 6.5%, the proportion is as high as 83.1%, intelligent lock has become the biggest winner in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing.
From the above data can be seen, the major real estate has insight into the development potential and trends of intelligent locks, so competing standard smart lock, and smart lock as a bright spot to attract consumers.
See the trend is not just the major developers, and even Lenovo, ZTE, Dahua, Hikvision, Haier, SKYWORTH, TCL and other major brands also smell the development potential of intelligent locks, and scrambling layout.
Therefore, intelligent locks must be the future trend, if you are still watching, you will be eliminated by the times.
And for users, regardless of whether the current acceptance of intelligent locks, but one day, mechanical locks will slowly fade out of sight, intelligent locks will be successful host, become home safe choice. So, not now, sooner or later.


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